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David Gandy Wellwear
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David Gandy Wellwear

To empower people to live happier, stress-reduced lives, with a greater sense of wellbeing and style.

Based on the scientific benefits of wearing soft, comfortable clothing, Wellwear fabrics improve your psychological and physical wellbeing. Natural functionality combined with technical treatments allow you to feel your best when wearing each piece.

David Gandy Wellwear takes a multi-sensory approach to design, evoking a sense of wellbeing through exceptional comfort, fit and fabrication. With studies showing that simply touching smooth fabrics can create a sense of psychological wellbeing and reduce negative emotions, Wellwear’s use of tactile fabrics is key.

Fabrics selected fuse natural functionality and science. The best natural fibres, including Pima cotton, lyocell and modal, guarantee ultimate softness when connecting with the skin and natural properties such as body temperature regulation and moisture wicking create an additional layer of comfort. Wellwear also pushes the boundaries of accessible fabric innovation by applying technical treatments to garments to physically enhance the wearer’s wellbeing. These include anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties which reduce the need to wash clothes after every wear, increasing longevity of the garment and in turn having a positive wider environmental impact. The use of aloe vera plant extracts in garments provides wound healing, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.
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