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The Fish Society

The Fish Society is the UK’s leading online fishmonger. We sell a selection of the finest seafood from around the world, an offering that has been crafted from over 25 years of experience. We sell over 200 types of seafood from over 100 suppliers. Many of these suppliers only offer one fish, their speciality.

We specialise in delivering to private customers, in their own homes, this is 100% of our business and our specialism. We love our customers and they love us - we’ve been awarded over 4000 5 star company reviews and have an average rating of 4.7/5.

Why we’re different:
• We’re 100% committed to frozen: We believe that unless you’re buying fresh fish at the port to eat today or tomorrow, frozen is ultimately superior - as long as the fish being frozen is of the highest quality.
• Range: We believe we have the largest range of seafood to buy in one place online. You can buy black cod from Canada, scallops from Scotland and King crab from Russia in one order.
• Quality: Of course, we are also committed to quality. If our fish did not exceed the quality available in supermarkets, we wouldn’t have a business. Quality is not just a matter of freshness. It’s also about cut and trim. We will sell you a whole fillet if that’s what you want, but most of our customers are looking for the prime piece of the fillet - what we call a fillet steak. They don’t want a Dover sole that’s too small to satisfy. They don’t want inferior grades of crab meat - they want claw meat. Over nearly 25 years we have discerned exactly what our very discerning customers want and that is what we give them.
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