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Victoria Singh, BAEBROW's founder, has a particularly eclectic background which serves as an inspiration for the company. Despite her Polish-Indian roots, she spent most of her life in England and the United States working first in fashion, and then in finance. She quickly realized the possibility of combining those two passions into creating her own business.

As a makeup fanatic, Victoria had been tinting her brows her entire life but was never satisfied with the messy process at home, or the expensive procedure in the salon. BAEBROW is the realization of our founder's vision to provide the transformative effects of eyebrow tinting in a hassle-free, safe, and affordable way to every woman in the world.

Our flagship product, the no-mix Instant Tint! was conceived to give everyone the power of salon style brows at home, without the mess. At BAEBROW, we believe tinting should be easy and part of everyone's beauty regimen.
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