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Vodafone SIM Only
Up to 4,000 Points

Vodafone SIM Only

Vodafone is the world's largest mobile phone network with a massive global brand and presence. In terms of coverage it is number 1 in the UK and has pioneered the development of 3G products and services.
£0-£10 SIM only Standard Bundle: earn 1,200 miles. £10.01-£19.99 SIM only Standard Bundle: earn 3,200 miles.
Please note: Stated reward is for £20+ SIM only Standard Bundle. You will receive a lower reward for SIM only Standard bundles between £0-£10 and £10.01-£19.99.

You will not receive a reward:
If you make a ‘Business’ purchase
If you have already have a registered account with Vodafone SIM only Contracts
If you apply an additional discount that reduces your overall purchase price, this may cause your reward to be declined or reduced. e.g Voucher codes, student discount, staff discount
If you pay for your purchase using gift card
If you purchase a gift card & gift voucher
If your purchase is not fully completed online
If you participate in any other offer/ promotion that is not covered in the retailer reward rates

Rewards are not calculated on postage / handling / delivery costs or associated purchase taxes in your region (This may include but not be limited to VAT, GST etc).